Supporting Scholarship with Consequence

Randolph Hall, Ph.D.
Vice President of Research
University of Southern California
The Ming Hsieh Institute is helping USC fulfill its vision of “scholarship with consequence” by conducting research that not only advances knowledge but also helps people overcome disease and improve their lives.

In the Office of Research, we support the advancement of research by investing in innovative interdisciplinary teams, through which human needs inform scientists and engineers, and scientific discovery is rapidly translated into therapies and diagnostics for disease. In addition, our technology transfer office — the USC Stevens Center for Innovation — supports the aspirations of our faculty, staff and students to turn their discoveries into impactful products by creating relationships with private companies, licensing technologies, forming startup companies and building research partnerships with industry.

The Office of Research is proud to support the Ming Hsieh Institute’s efforts to catalyze research that is innovative, interdisciplinary and impactful.

For more information about funding please visit us here.