Nanoparticle-mediated delivery targeting TAK1 as a metastatic breast cancer therapy
March 2, 2014
Nanoscale parenteral formulations of a small molecule therapeutic for the treatment of resistant breast cancer
July 21, 2015

Metal Oxide Nanoribbon Biosensor Chips for Point of Care Diagnosis

The specific aims of this proposal are as follows. (1) We will determine a panel of relevant diseases that can benefit the most from Point of Care (PoC) diagnosis applications. From there, we will research the optimal biomarkers for each disease. We will begin our investigation by conferring with clinicians and literature review. (2) We will investigate and develop straightforward and reliable surface functionalization techniques for bioconjugating capture probes on metal oxide nanoribbons to achieve high sensitivity and signal consistency. (3) We will design and develop microfluidic-compatible metal oxide nanoribbon biosensor chips which will facilitate the translation from a research laboratory model to a clinically compatible PoC device. (4) We will demonstrate electrical detection of a panel of relevant biomarkers using the proposed nanoribbon sensors and investigate the statistical correlation between the electrical signals and concentration of relevant biomarkers.